AmericasPool Support


> Can I manage more than one pool?

Yes you can!

> What sports do you have pools for?

At the moment, professional football. But we'll soon expand into many other offerings. If there is a sport or pool style you would like to see, send us feedback. We'd love to hear your ideas. Contact Us.

> Who is responsible for payment?

If payment is required in the future the pool manager would be responsible for a Private pool. For Public pools, each member is responsible for their own payment.

> How do I pay?

It's done online. We use a professional and secure processor which accepts a variety of payment methods. Your "Member Home" page will have the link you need.

> How many weeks can I set for my pool?

For Pro Football, as many as you would like. The default is from the first week of the preseason through the Super Bowl. You can adjust this to whatever range you need.
Division pools require play through post season week 3 or the Super Bowl.

> Can I change the information I entered into my profile?

Yes you can. The main menu has a link "Edit Profile". You can alter your info and even upload an avatar and picture.